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About the Law Offices of L'tanya M. Butler

The Law Offices of L'tanya M. Butler is me. It is the culmination of 25 years of the sweat of my brow and the blood of my tears. If you have been harmed in a way that our legal system has a remedy for, I will get you that remedy. I fearlessly fight the good fight for what is right. Other law firms will tell you that they are the particular go to firm in their field. That they are the one that possess the knowledge and the experience to assist you. Don't be mislead. I have the knowledge, the experience, the drive, the determination and the genuine desire to help you through whatever personal tragedy has occurred which has required you to seek legal counsel. Growing up on the streets of South Central Los Angeles honed my fighting skills. Matriculating through UCLA and the Yale Law School refined the natural abilities and talents developed in my home neighborhood. Knowing injustice personally makes me the perfect attorney to combat the injustice that you currently face. My credentials are impeccable. My intentions are true. My aim is deadly. If your case is winnable, I will win it. If your cause is just, I will tirelessly seek justice for you. Before you try the rest, seek the best. I will fight for you.

A graduate of the Yale Law School, I have been practicing law for over 25 years, representing my clients with unmatched zeal and passion. My legal acumen is unrivaled and combined with the personal touch often missing in larger firms. If your rights have been violated in any form or fashion for which the law provides a remedy, I am the only attorney you will ever want or need. Call the law offices of L'tanya M. Butler to discuss your legal matter. You will never regret the call.